• March 31 2015

    Gain Government Agency Liability Protection using GPS/AVL

    Presentation at APWA North American Snow Conference Chris Jackson, Vice President Government Operations, Webtech Wireless, along with industry experts Dominic Guthrie, Transportation Services, City of Toronto, Dragan Mrkela, Highway Engineering Technician, 407 ETR Concession Company Limited, Woodbridge, ON and Dr. Wilfrid A. Nixon, PE, PhD, PWLF, Professor, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA,  will be […]

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  • March 26 2015

    FMCSA Mobile App – Check Safety Data of Commercial Trucks and Buses

    The FMCSA has just releleased a mobile app, QCMobile, that provides quick, up-to-date, safety information on commercial trucks and buses. QCMobile (QC standing for “Query Central”) is expected to provide value to state and federal law enforcement personnel, as well as insurers, brokers, freight forwarders and anyone else interested in reviewing commercial carrier safety and […]

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  • March 12 2015

    Safety first…to reduce costs

    Fleet safety is a hot topic. Hotter still, as we approach the FMCSA final ruling date for the mandated use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) – an initiative that’s sole purpose is to make our roads safer. But talking about safety and doing something about safety are two different things and as a recent Automotive […]

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  • February 26 2015

    Braving the elements in Nashville

    Last week, I had the business trip experience of a lifetime! I was on my way to the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council in Nashville, TN, where Webtech Wireless would be demonstrating the benefits of our GPS/AVL fleet intelligence solution, Webtech Fleet Center. We would be focusing on the strengths the solution delivers to transportation […]

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  • February 12 2015

    Eliminate Transportation Paper-Based Reporting

    Today’s transportation organizations are faced with increased pressures to comply with regulations, manage a shrinking driver pool and increased driver turnover and the needs to improve service levels while reducing costs. Telematics solutions can save an organization thousands of dollars in tracking and resolving errors, processing overtime and even reducing FMCSA and DOT compliance fines. […]

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  • January 29 2015

    Better Driver Behavior really does Impact your Bottom Line!

    So you probably already know this. But do you actually take steps to ensure you and your drivers are using best practices to generate efficiencies and cut costs where possible? Better yet, are you continually monitoring, measuring, correcting and implementing what you learn? Gathering relevant fleet/driver data can give you an accurate representation of what […]

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  • January 15 2015

    Are you making the most of your supply chain or heavy-duty construction fleet intelligence?

    Are you making the most of your supply chain or heavy-duty construction fleet intelligence to get the most from your fleets and bottom line? High-value data extracted from your vehicles and various assets can power-up your productivity, increase efficiency and drive the changes necessary to establish a competitive edge. Access to real-time, accurate, location-based data […]

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  • December 18 2014

    The Night Before Santa's Big Day

    Santa’s big day was quickly approaching but elf meteorologists announced a storm was a ‘rolling. Oh no! What now? Santa must keep his word! Each North Pole elf and reindeer nervously concurred.   We need a way to monitor global snow removal, to plan and strategize our efficiency is crucial! “I know,” said Santa. “We’ll […]

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  • December 04 2014

    ATA Hoping to hire 100,000 veterans over next two years

    Here’s a positive win-win piece of industry news as we enter the holiday season! A recent Commercial Carrier Journal article states the American Trucking Association, through a partnership with “Hiring Our Heroes” is committing to hire 100,000 military veterans over the next two years. The “Hiring Our Heroes” campaign launched in March 2011 to help […]

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  • November 20 2014

    Let it snow…..or make it stop?

    An incredible amount of snow has recently fallen on the City of Buffalo. I’m sure we’ve all seen the images. Residents aren’t out of the woods just yet though, with one online news/weather site stating “the meteorological  kick-me sign” hasn’t fallen off just yet. A weekend warm-up may cause a rapid melt that could quickly […]

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