• May 02 2013

    Don’t Gamble on Distracted Driving

    By Joel Waithman   Last week, along with Nigel Maund, Walt Fischer and others from Webtech Wireless, I attended NAFA in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I’m sure it’s a fun place in the summer, but in April there wasn’t much to distract me from the trade show (except perhaps a visit to the roulette table). […]

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  • April 25 2013

    Excellence at Freightliner Trucks

    I was impressed with the whole operation and the intricate level of details that need to be brought together to build each Freightliner truck. Freightliner’s focus on people, excellence, and performance reminded me of Webtech Wireless: We have the same focus to bring together people and diverse teams to deliver awesome experiences for our customers as they improve their fleet performance with our GPS/AVL implementations. Who knows, maybe the truck I saw leaving the factory will one day have a Webtech Wireless device helping the fleet manager responsible for the truck help deliver on the value that started at the Freightliner truck factory?

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  • April 18 2013

    NAFA Drives Business by Telling Great Stories

    At Webtech Wireless, we measure success by how your business implements our telematics solutions. Telematics is data. Data is information. Information allows you to gathering stories about how well your fleet is performing, and knowing how to use these stories is key to running your business better.

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  • April 11 2013

    Customers Speak at APWA

    There was much to learn at the 2013 APWA Snow Show. In addition to these talks, InterFleet was shown in the opening keynote address and in Implementing New Technology into Your Winter Maintenance Program. Our thanks to everyone who came to the show and especially to Kevin, Michael, and Bob for the amazing things they do with our solutions.

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  • April 04 2013

    Avoiding a Bridge Too Low

    At Webtech Wireless, we have chosen to integrate our MDT 3100s with a truck-specific GPS navigation solution that supports the kind of truck routing the FMCSA wants truck drivers to use.

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  • March 28 2013

    Taking It On The Road

    Springtime is time for trade shows and we’re taking it on the road. From April 07 to 10, 2013, come to booth 712 at the APWA Snow Show in at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina and talk to us about our government and Public Works centric GPS/AVL solutions. Hope to see you there.

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  • March 21 2013

    Mississauga Brings Winter Smarts to APWA

    If you’re attending the APWA Snow Show in Charlotte, make sure you catch Bob Levesque’s presentation, Reducing Liability and Improving Winter Operations Using a GPS/AVL Solution.

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  • March 14 2013

    Easy to Work With

    A Webtech Wireless solution can increase revenue without increasing staff. Know where your vehicles are at all times while automatically dispatching them for the next customer and automating Hours of Service so drivers can provide service to their customers instead of completing paperwork.

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  • March 07 2013

    Big Brother

    When many people think of “Big Brother”, they think of the vision from George Orwell’s book, 1984, with its constant surveillance of citizens and lack of freedom. This notion of Big Brother is often the first thing people think of when they consider a GPS/AVL solution. While it is true that a GPS/AVL solution does provide management with visibility into what is going on in the field, there are many reasons and ways to make this fair to everyone involved.

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  • February 28 2013

    Testing Technology: The Key to Top-Quality Fleet Management Solutions

    A key component of Webtech Wireless’ offerings is end-to-end solutions, but what does that mean for quality assurance? The answer is system testing. Units aren’t just tested by themselves, but also as they relate to a custom-designed solution for a specific client. So, a Locator that’s tested for compliance with manufacturing specifications is also tested with Webtech Wireless software and then again with an EOBR (electronic onboard recorder) such as the MT 3100 to ensure they work in concert.

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