Waste Management

Optimize waste operations. Be accountable. Minimize liability.

For Government Waste Fleets

Manage your fleet more efficiently, including third-party contractors, improve billing accuracy, increase customer service and mitigate risks for overall operational effectiveness:

  • Improve billing accuracy through enhanced fleet intelligence and telemetry inputs
  • Comply with internal and external waste service level agreements
  • Increase levels of service with real-time route completion reporting and seamless GIS integration
  • Minimize liability with access to accurate, detailed historical fleet data
  • Manage by exception – identify roadblocks in your waste fleet operations for rapid resolution

Waste Management

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Are you able to provide accurate, up-to-date information to your customers in a timely manner?

Can you track fleet progress against planned routes in real-time, and access historical data to recreate events as they occurred, for enhanced customer service and risk mitigation?

Webtech Wireless solves critical operational and risk related challenges for waste management. Our solutions give you the insight and business intelligence you need to positively impact budgets, efficiently manage customer complaints and improve collection operations. By using GPS/AVL reporting, you will gain visibility to route progress in real-time, ensure third-party contractor compliance and protect your agency from risk.

Aligned with your business priorities

Optimize fleet utilization

  • Track how often vehicles are being used and reassign vehicles to different branches or yards. Gaining visibility to your vehicle activities can improve the efficiency of your operation and maximizes the use of your equipment.

Monitor third-party contractors

  • Use real-time GPS/AVL information to both efficiently dispatch vehicles when support calls are received and guarantee routes have been completed.

Reduce liability and manage public perception

  • Access historical data to recreate events as they occurred for maximum risk mitigation. Ensure citizen complaints are addressed immediately. Use real-time mapping data to give call centers and 311 services access to vehicle location and activity.

Streamline costs

  • Keep costs down by maximizing the use of your equipment and reallocating vehicles when and where required.

Maintain public accountability

  • Remain accountable to your customers. Use GPS/AVL information to provide full visibility on regions/districts and associate service progress.

Proven Features

  • Five-second reporting
  • Telemetry inputs/e.g. arm up/down
  • 311 integrations
  • Citizen-facing information
  • Route completion reporting

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“The large amount of data that the system is now providing gives us so much information on what’s happening out on the street and we can use it in so many ways. We’re working with Webtech Wireless to add more telemetry inputs that will give us more detailed information on the efficiency of our crews, the condition of our vehicles, and generally whether we’re meeting a neighborhood’s needs.”

—Gregory De Weese, Member – IT Strategic Committee, City of Chicago



Waste Management