Trailer and Asset Tracking

Safeguard Your Assets. Maximize Asset Utilization


Improve billing accuracy, asset utilization and bottom-line results 2-Trailer and Asset Tracking



  • Gain instant visibility of where your assets are and how they are being utilized for optimized fleet performance
  • Increase revenue through accurate billing of all trailer, equipment and asset use
  • Protect your valuable investments from theft and damage thus reducing insurance costs, manual yard checks and lost productivity
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Where are my trailers?

Do you know where your assets are at all times? Can you easily identify when and where it was last used to determine whether you are utilizing your assets to their maximum capacity? Are you able to fulfill your customer’s requests on a moment’s notice?

Scrambling last minute to serve your customers can increase the risk of delays and errors. Knowing where your trailers and assets are is the key to optimized and efficient fleet operations.

The Webtech Wireless GPS fleet management solution will help you reach your strategic and fleet operational goals.

Aligned with your business priorities

Monitor your assets and prevent theft

  • Equipment that isn’t monitored is at risk of theft. Safeguard your assets by tracking assets and trailers in real-time and detecting unauthorized movement through automated alerts

Maximize trailer and asset utilization and reduce operating costs

  • Utilize real-time data to optimize asset usage and performance. Lower operating costs by reducing paperwork and asset idle-time.

Ensure billing accuracy

  • Validate billing accuracy with access to accurate, real-time asset utilization data. Increase your earnings potential through optimized asset usage and increased billing accuracy.

Proven Features

  • Real-time location monitoring
  • Geofence alerts
  • Door open/door close
  • Battery powered
  • Accurate equipment usage
  • Temperature monitoring

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“There was a night and day difference after the Webtech Wireless solution was deployed at National Foods. The Webtech Wireless full fleet solution offers multiple areas where it can help.”

—Kevin Bookey, Transportation Manager, National Foods

“With the level of minute-by-minute information we’re getting, the Webtech Wireless solution is the best thing going.”

—Steve Troyer, Owner, Troyer Ventures

“Webtech Wireless gives us, any of us on the management team, a whole lot of peace of mind.”

—Kevin Bookey, National Foods, Transportation Manager

“You focus on making us better at what we do—that has been the Webtech Wireless experience for us.”

—Andy Hodges, Owner and CEO, Northwest Companies


Trailer and Asset Tracking