Temperature Monitoring

Meet Food Temperature Transportation Compliance. Reduce Spoilage Risks.

Mitigate risk through precisely controlled temperature thresholds and detailed historical temperature reporting.

  • Monitor and meet optimum temperature compliance
  • Multiple zone temperature management
  • Accurate proof of temperature reporting


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Are you losing revenue through wasted food?
Are your insurance costs higher than they need to be?

A staggering 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted. Of that, 20% is lost through spoilage during distribution.

A Webtech Wireless temperature monitoring solution can monitor the content and temperature of your shipments en route to ensure they travel within the required specifications, reducing food spoilage rates and increasing your revenue earning potential.

Aligned with your business priorities

Food transportation compliance and content spoilage prevention

  • Prevent spoilage of food and cargo by precisely controlling temperature thresholds (both inside and outside defined geofences) with up to three temperature probe alerts and ensure food is safe to eat, in good condition and meets government regulations. Use the accurate, historical data to mitigate risk by proving recorded temperatures after the fact.

Prevent theft and reduce operating costs

  • Equipment that isn’t monitored is at risk of theft. Use Webtech Wireless to safeguard your assets by tracking vehicles in real-time and automatically detecting unauthorized movement. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times minimizes downtime, and lowers insurance and operating costs.

Proven Features

  • Multiple zone temperature monitoring
  • Real-time alerts for temperature changes
  • Door open/door close
  • Proof of temperature reporting
  • Real-time location monitoring

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“To realize the full benefits, telematics must be seen as a complete fleet solution.”

—Kevin Bookey, Transportation Manager, National Foods

“Having used other GPS-based solutions we knew of the positive ROI that this type of technology created, however, other providers were unable to provide the quality of service and up-time that we found with Webtech Wireless.”

—MTS Sales & Service

“Since our Webtech Wireless implementation, Peninsula Truck saves 45 minutes a week per pickup and delivery driver, because drivers no longer have to wait to be dispatched by telephone.”

—Tim Vander Pol, VP of Pricing and Administration, Peninsula Trucking



Temperature Monitoring