HOS Compliance

Be Compliant. Streamline your Processes. Be Productive.


Ensure compliance to HOS and Fuel tax reporting legislation and make your drivers and operation more productive




  • Comply with US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) by monitoring HOS automatically and accurately.
  • Automatically calculate IFTA fuel tax, mile tax, IRP and other state taxes for compliance with FMCSA regulations through integration to ProMiles.
  • Reduce driver administration and back office processing time for streamlined operations and increased productivity.



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We Understand Your Fleet Needs

  • Are your CSA scores higher than you’d like?
  • Are you paying HOS fines that could easily be avoided?
  • Are you spending excessive administrative hours managing fuel tax reporting and still making costly errors?
  • Would you like to maximize compliance and productivity, while minimizing operational inefficiencies? Would you like to manage fuel tax reporting including the ever changing tax rates with ease?

A Webtech Wireless HOS/ELD Compliance solution provides real-time, accurate monitoring of driver’s hours to help you comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules simply and easily – improving accuracy, reducing paperwork and lowering CSA scores for increased business. Webtech Wireless’ automated fuel tax reporting also ensures your reports are always accurate, up-to-date and processed with minimum effort.

Aligned With Your Business Priorities

Hours of Service (HOS) compliance and fuel-tax Compliance

  • Eliminate paper logs and meet government regulations through automatic monitoring of Hours of Service (HOS). Automatically generate fuel-tax reports and the number of miles driven through a seamless integration with ProMiles IFTA to ensure your drivers and fleets are compliant with FMCSA regulations.

Maximize fleet utilization

  • Improve efficiency by tracking your vehicles in real-time, optimizing routing, identifying nearest vehicles, and re-allocating resources when they are needed most.

Reduced costs and increased fuel economy

  • Improve fuel economy by monitoring driver behavior. Idling, speeding, harsh braking, and sharp turns account for significant fuel wastage. Prevent unexpected repair costs by monitoring fleet performance and pro-actively scheduling maintenance. Greater insight into vehicle performance and maintenance allows fleet operators to optimize fleet utilization and eliminate downtime.

Increase driver safety

  • Ensure your drivers’ on-duty time falls within FMCSA guidelines and keep them safe at the wheel. Eliminate the need for paper logs, so your drivers are always dealing with accurate data.

Improve driver retention

  • Automate your driver’s HOS and fuel-tax reporting process and eliminate time-consuming paperwork and manual processing so your drivers can focus on what they do best – driving.

Lower CSA scores

  • Make it easy for your drivers to adhere to FMCSA guidelines, improve your CSA scores and increase your business with accurate, automated HOS reporting.

 Proven Features

  • Electronic driver logs
  • Automated fuel-tax reporting
  • Vehicle and driver performance monitoring
  • Electronic forms
  • Vehicle maintenance center
  • In-cab CoPilot® navigation
  • Hands-free text-to-speech and voice-command recognition
  • eDVIR
  • Yard Mode
  • Inspection Mode

What Our Customers Say

“It allows us to re-allocate staff to more strategic activities than merely pushing paper and most importantly, it allows us to grow and handle more revenue with the same staff.”

—Steve Troyer, Troyer Ventures

“There was a night and day difference after Webtech Wireless’ solution was deployed at National foods. Webtech Wireless’ full fleet solution has multiple areas where it can help.”

—Kevin Bookey, Transportation Manager, National Foods

“As a less-than-truckload carrier, your product mix changes a lot. It’s very important to know what our costs are on a daily basis.”

—Tim Vander Pol, VP of Pricing and Administration, Peninsula Trucking


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