How to Improve your Field Service Business

Increase your Field Service Profits using GPS Analytics

Are you paying too much for the cost of a service call? Do you know what your costs per call per vehicle are? Is your organization performing well against documented goals?

Access the right insight tool and answer these questions with accuracy and confidence.

Transform Data Into Dollars

How to Improve Your Business With Operational Insight

Can you easily sort GPS data in order to make informed business decisions? Are you paying too much for the cost of a stop? Do your service routes balance customer satisfaction and operational costs?

Reducing Government Liability Exposure using GPS/AVL Technology

Reducing Government Liability Exposure using GPS/AVL Technology

Government agencies can now easily defend their positions, prove compliance and reduce exposure to the four most common types of government liability.

Prepare for ELD Mandate

Comply with the FMCSA Mandate

Do you have a plan to comply with the FMCSA mandate? Get started today!

Driver Safety Matters

Increase Safety in your fleet

A fleet management solution can be the foundation of a successful fleet safety program in your operation.

Smarter Road Salt Usage

Manage your salt usage more effectively

Smarter Road Salt usage - so you can cut costs, reduce environmental impacts and increase the safety of your customers

Case Study: City of West Des Moines

Winter Operations

Learn how City of West Des Moines Uses Webtech Fleet Center to Save Money, Optimize their Operations and Meet Service Levels.

Case Study: Sierra Pacific Industries

Wood Products

By partnering with Webtech Wireless, Sierra Pacific Industries has been able to drive more profit and gain transparency into their daily operations

Case Study: Troyer Ventures

Trasportation/ Oil and Gas

With a fleet of over 100 Heavy-truck units, Troyer has partnered with Webtech Wireless to maximize growth potential, optimize company assets, and increase operating revenue.

Webtech Fleet Center

One Solution. One Platform. For all your fleet intelligence needs.

GPS/AVL and fleet management tools for extracting unprecedented, high-value data from mixed fleets and assets of all kinds to power-up productivity, increase efficiency and drive the changes necessary to establish a competitive edge.

Webtech Driver Center

Be Compliant. Ensure driver safety. Improve driver productivity

Maximize your drivers’ driving time, reduce their paperwork and ensure compliance with FMCSA and DOT regulations using Webtech Driver Center, an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) application.

Webtech 511

Be Accountable. Be Transparent. Increase your Levels of Service.

Keep your customers informed. Webtech 511 is a software application that uses agency GPS/AVL data  to provide real-time municipal updates.

3G Migration

Plan your 3G Migration now

Increase the value and functionality of your fleets while avoiding unexpected network issues or drop-outs.