Driver Center

Driver Center is a robust Hours of Service (HOS) software application, that helps keep drivers compliant, safe and more efficient. Operating on the Android platform, Driver Center is available on selected Android consumer tablets and in-cab devices.

Be Compliant. Ensure Driver Safety. Improve Driver Productivity

Maximize your drivers’ driving time, reduce their paperwork and ensure compliance with FMCSA and DOT regulations using Driver Center, an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) application.

Driver Center offers:

  • Hours of Service
  • Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (eDVIR)
  • Electronic Forms
  • Messaging
  • Hands-Free Voice Calling
  • Third Party Integration
  • Vehicle Maintenance Center
In-Cab Mobile Data Terminal 3500 for Hours of Service

In-Cab Mobile Data Terminal 3500 for Hours of Service

Enable driver-centric productivity:

  • Monitor HOS automatically, eliminate paper logs and data-entry errors
  • Optimize driver vehicle inspections and vehicle maintenance schedules with Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (eDVIR)
  • Fast-track vehicle inspections with data formatted for inspector ease-of-use
  • Route efficiently around truck-restricted/prohibited roads for driver safety and route optimization
  • Automate record-keeping and business processes with electronic forms
  • Maintain real-time connections with your drivers for improved driver safety and responsiveness


Watch the video below to learn more about Driver Center


Driver Center