Winter Operations

Be Prepared For Winter. Be Accountable. Minimize Liability.

Keep material costs down, increase customer accountability and transparency, enhance efficiencies and ensure safe winter roads with one solution.

Gain maximum insight into your winter fleet for maximum preparedness:

  • Integrate with an extensive range of temperature and plow sensors and spreader controllers for efficient management of materials and costs
  • Increased levels of service with real-time route completion reporting and seamless GIS integration
  • Minimize liability with access to accurate, detailed historical fleet data
  • Comply with internal and external winter service level agreements
  • Manage by exception – identify roadblocks in your winter fleet operations for rapid resolution

Winter Operations

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Are you able to manage your winter materials effectively and efficiently?

Can you measure your material application with precision, adhering to recommended standards while lowering material usage costs? Can you easily identify gaps in service for rapid resolution?

When winter hits, government agencies must respond in a timely manner – customer safety is a top priority. Inefficiently managing your materials can result in significant shortfalls – putting your agency at risk of missing service level targets and increased liability.

A proven GPS/AVL fleet management solution that provides access to real-time and historical data, can help your agency plan and manage material usage, improve customer service, and mitigate risk. Webtech Wireless is a proven GPS/AVL fleet management solution that can help you achieve your winter fleet operational goals.

Aligned with your business priorities

Optimize Material Management and Operational Efficiency

  • Streamline your operations with a GPS/AVL fleet management solution that will grow as your business grows. Access to advanced reports and intuitive dashboards can help deliver the data your organization needs to quickly identify roadblocks, efficiently manage exceptions and develop and apply lean business principals. Through proven sensor integrations (road and air temperature sensors, spreader controllers, plow sensors), Webtech provides accurate material application measurement for the efficient management of material usage – keeping your roads safe.

Minimize Liability

  • Address liability concerns head-on with access to all historical data. Re-create past events and confirm precisely where your fleet was and what it has been doing.

Meet Compliance Initiatives

  • Utilize enhanced fleet intelligence data to ensure compliance with internal guidelines and external regulations. Accurate material usage data also ensures environmental standards compliance.

Enhance Level of Service

  • Quickly identify gaps in service for efficient resolution using real-time Route Completion data. Further optimize your operations with seamless integration of GIS maps for accurate, detailed fleet activity information delivering exact, first-hand service level knowledge.

Achieve Maximum Accountability and Transparency

  • Leverage GPS/AVL data your agency is already gathering to generate public-facing content for increased transparency and customer service. Ensure your customers have first-hand knowledge of critical road conditions, emergency alerts and more.

Real Customers, Real Solutions

West Des Moines has a population of over 46,000 people. It is the second-largest city in the Des Moines Metropolitan area and the tenth largest City of Iowa.

 “We’ve just had a tremendous experience with Webtech Wireless Solution fleet solutions. It’s saving the City money, it’s helping create a more sustainable operational program and also beneficial to the environment, which is helping us cut down on the amount of resources we have to use to get the job done and meet our service levels.”

-Bret Hodne, Director of Public Works, City of West Des Moines


Fleet Management Solutions for Winter Operations