Public Works

Optimize public works operations. Be accountable. Minimize liability.

For Government Public Works Fleets

Manage your fleet, including third-party contractors, more efficiency, improve billing accuracy, increase customer service, customer accountability and transparency and mitigate risk for overall operational effectiveness.

Gain maximum insight into your fleet:

  • Improved billing accuracy through enhanced fleet intelligence and telemetry inputs
  • Comply with internal and external public works service level agreements
  • Increased levels of service with real-time route completion reporting and seamless GIS integration
  • Minimize liability with access to accurate, detailed historical fleet data
  • Manage by exception -identify roadblocks in your public works fleet operations for rapid resolution

Public Works

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Increase public works efficiency. Be accountable. Minimize liability.

Are you able to track fleet progress against planned routes in real-time and have access to historical data to recreate events as they occurred?

Webtech Wireless’ GPS/AVL solution delivers fleet intelligence to help you achieve more with less. Continually generate operating efficiencies, evaluate the safety of workers, plan routes more effectively, eliminate time-consuming operator paperwork, enable efficient vehicle maintenance, and lower fuel and insurance costs. Measurement and reporting tools also deliver enhanced levels of customer service and help an agency meet regulatory and environmental standards.

 Aligned with your business priorities

Optimize Operations

  • Utilize measurement and reporting tools to streamline processes, improve driver routing and increase fleet efficiency. Utilize automated tools and processes to eliminate manual, time-consuming procedures and maximize your driver’s time. Access advanced reports and intuitive dashboards to quickly identify roadblocks, efficiently manage exceptions and develop and apply lean business principals.

Ensure Safety

  • Stay connected with your drivers even in rural/no-cell access areas. Use real-time location data to ensure the safety of your workers and their adherence with safety regulations.

Minimize Liability

  • Address liability concerns head-on with access to all historical data. Re-create past events and confirm precisely where your fleet was and what it has been doing.

Enhance Levels of Service

  • Quickly identify gaps in service for efficient resolution using real-time Route Completion data. Further optimize your operations with seamless integration of GIS maps for accurate, detailed fleet activity information delivering exact, first-hand service level knowledge.

Achieve Maximum Accountability and Transparency:

  • Leverage GPS/AVL data your agency is already gathering to generate public-facing content for increased transparency and customer service. Ensure your customers have first-hand knowledge of critical road conditions, emergency alerts and more.

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“By integrating sensors to all this equipment, we know exactly what is happening and why. While I thought we were a fairly efficient operation, we have seen a significant gain in efficiency by implementing a fleet management solution.”

-Bret Hodne, Director of Public Works, City of West Des Moines


Fleet Management Solutions for Public Works