Be compliant. Be safe. Increase your operational efficiency

How to Lead with Technology Integration

Data shared across software systems helps your business run more efficiently


One solution to meet regulations, improve driver safety and retention, improve your efficiency and be more competitive.

Power-up your fleet:

  • Extract fleet intelligence from vehicles and assets of all varieties
  • Use relevant fleet intelligence to:
    • Manage by exception- quickly identify roadblocks for rapid resolution
    • Streamline operations and cut unnecessary costs
    • Efficiently dispatch and route drivers
  • Keep accurate HOS records, maintain low CSA scores and meet compliance legislation
  • Reduce driver paperwork
  • Enable your drivers to be more productive and increase driver satisfaction
  • Stay connected with your drivers and ensure driver safety


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Meet compliance initiatives. Improve driver safety. Streamline your operations.

Trucking companies have increasing costs, evolving compliance regulations and a growing driver shortage to deal with. They have also had to embrace multiple applications to get relevant data from their fleets and enlist varying skill sets to best interpret the resulting data. Timely insight into vehicle and driver behavior is crucial to help generate operational efficiencies, increase driver productivity and satisfaction and positively impacts your bottom line.

A GPS fleet management solution can help meet compliance regulations, improve your fleet operations and get ahead of the competition.

Aligned with your business priorities

 Meet Compliance Initiatives:

  • Keep accurate HOS logs, maintain low CSA scores and meet FMCSA and DOT compliance legislation through Webtech Wireless’ ruggedized ELD devices and select Android tablets.

Keep your Drivers Safe, Connected and Increase their Satisfaction:

  • Ensure a constant connection with your drivers fostering a strong sense of organizational involvement, enhanced driver safety and increased driver satisfaction.

Combat Driver Shortage:

  • Provide drivers with the tools they need to get their jobs done well, reducing driver paperwork and improving their productivity. Better utilize your driver’s time using enhanced fleet intelligence for improved dispatching and routing needs.

 Power-up your Fleet:

  • Extract business intelligence data from vehicles and assets of all varieties including heavy and light duty trucks and trailers.

Lower your Operational Costs:

  • Manage exceptions on the fly and develop and apply lean principals to your business through an intuitive interface, advanced reports and dashboards.

Optimize Fleet Operations:

  • Streamline your operations with enhanced electronic workflows and dispatch software integrations. Utilize enriched fleet intelligence to drive efficient routing and better maintenance of vehicles for overall operational and vehicle performance gains.

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“Webtech Wireless Solution allows us to re-allocate staff to more strategic activities than merely pushing paper and most importantly, it has allowed us to grow and handle more revenue with the same staff.”

Steve Troyer, Owner, Troyer Ventures


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