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One size does not fit all when it comes to implementing fleet management solutions—your organization has unique needs and goals. Webtech Wireless’ reputation is built on developing customer-based solutions for long-term sustainment.

There are two solutions available for getting a Webtech Wireless solution up and running: package plans and professional services. While all solutions rely on a blend of package plans and professional services, your solution may be weighted more toward one or the other. No matter what size or complexity, Webtech Wireless can develop a solution that maximizes results for your organization.

For larger fleets or more complex installations, our Professional Services Group is a team dedicated to developing custom solutions. They will help you get your solution up and running with little interruption to your business and allow your team to take full advantage of your new solution from day one.

Professional Services


Scoping and Design


The Professional Services Group analyze the technical details of your existing processes, ensure the right hardware and software are selected, and check that the configuration is accurate.

Implementation and Installation

The Team builds and installs the solution. Training is provided to your drivers and office personnel.

Go Live/ Adoption

The Team helps you deploy a go live strategy that minimizes the interruption of business and ensures user buy-in.

Implementation and Installation


The Team builds and installs the solution. Before executing a full implementation, they often create a detailed pilot implementation (especially true for highly unusual implementations) to help test and correct any changes before it goes live.

Ongoing Support

Working with customer support, your company benefits from a range of services including maintenance, repair, and ongoing training.



Like all technology, fleet management solutions are only tools that can facilitate corporate goals. It is people that must utilize the technology to achieve a business end. Software deployments succeed best when people are trained to use the tools most effectively.

“The training was very comprehensive and the Webtech team has really put together a program for all levels of a corporate structure. From the drivers to the senior management all areas were covered to ensure compliance and safety for our team members at Canadian Freightways. I definitely would recommend the Webtech training program.”
--Tim Margetts (M. Ed), Director of Safety Canadian Freightways

Consistent and ongoing driver training is one of the key success factors for improving overall fleet fuel economy.

“Compared to their pre-course measures, the trained group reduced fuel consumption by an average of 27%.”
-- Effectiveness of an EcoDrive Course for Heavy Vehicle Drivers, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University, 2008
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