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In-Cab Communication

The Quadrant In-Cab solution consists of a mobile data terminal (MDT) designed for transportation fleets to maintain regulatory compliance, but it’s more than that too. The MDT provides drivers with two-way communication, the ability to receive and transmit electronic forms and Hours of Service (HOS) reporting in real-time. With cross-border support configured, drivers crossing the border between Canada and the US can be sure the correct HOS hours are tracked .

The MDT includes a touch screen display with a smart on-screen keypad for easy navigation.

Key MDT Features

  • Communicate in real time with drivers who use highway approved text-to-speech and voice command recognition
  • Reduce error-prone manual paperwork entry with electronic digital forms
  • Save time and reduce operating expenses with automated driver log processing and HOS compliance

By adopting an automated electronic driver log, your fleet becomes more efficient while improving its CSA rating. Paper logs are time consuming and error prone, but Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology, formally known as an Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) driver logs are accurate and immune to tampering.

The MDT revolutionizes mobile resource management with a driver-friendly interface, reliable two-way data and voice communications, text-to-speech, and voice command recognition. With the Quadrant In-Cab in-vehicle series device, your drivers can communicate in real-time with dispatch operations.

In-Cab Navigation with ALK CoPilot® Trucktm

We now offer ALK CoPilot® Trucktm in-cab navigation and routing solution as part of the MDT 3100 and Quadrant Manager. CoPilot Truck is an industry-leading truck-specific GPS routing solution designed to provide reliable navigation on truck-legal roads while keeping drivers safe. Fully integrated into the MDT 3100, drivers can seamlessly switch between Hours of Service and navigation.

The Quadrant MDT 3100 with ALK CoPilot Truck includes the following features:

On-board navigation - Drivers always have access to safe navigation instructions (even if out of cellular coverage). Drivers configure a unique profile based on vehicle dimensions and type of cargo (i.e., Regular or HazMat). Routes are automatically generated to match both the profile and the road restrictions for the type of vehicle and material transported.

Optimal routing - CoPilot Truck uses ALK’s proprietary North American digital map data, which are always up-to-date. With powerful multi-stop routing, CoPilot Truck provides the optimal route for any itinerary, while automatically avoiding commercial truck restrictions. This increases efficiency, reduces mileage, avoids costly fines, and eliminates vehicle damage. Should a driver ever miss an exit, CoPilot Truck automatically reroutes the driver to a safe and legal route to the destination.

CoPilot Truck Navigation from ALK

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