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Quadrant Solution for Commercial Fleets

When you need to track a fleet of vehicles and measure its productivity accurately, Quadrant has the power and capability to ensure your operations are safer and more efficient. Quadrant’s web-based location and telematics solution is perfectly suited to give you the measurement and reporting tool you need to lower costs, become more efficient and safer, deliver even better service to your customers, and meet government regulations and environmental standards.

How it works

Quadrant makes it easier and faster for you to enjoy the benefits of GPS-based two-way communication between fleet managers and drivers.

Here’s how it works:

A vehicle equipped with an in-vehicle Locator gathers location, telematics, and vehicle-diagnostic information from the vehicle. The Locator also receives data from global positioning satellites (GPS)—accurate to within a (few feet/metres)—which together with vehicle information, is transmitted through (GPRS) cellular networks to web-based servers (hosted either by the customer or by Webtech Wireless). Using a secure web space, fleet managers, dispatchers and office staff view vehicles in real time enabling them to assess vehicle speed, direction, optimize routing, and respond to customer order changes as they occur.

“There was a night and day difference after Quadrant was deployed at National Foods. Quadrant is a full fleet solution with multiple areas where it can help.”
--Kevin Bookey, Transportation Manager, National Foods
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