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InterFleet solutions for Government fleets InterFleet Solutions for Government Fleets

InterFleet Solutions for Government Fleets

InterFleet® is a real-time Internet-based GPS/AVL fleet management solution, designed primarily for public sector fleets. Launched in 1998, InterFleet is the first Internet-based GPS/AVL application in North America to show a live map display of entire fleets. While other systems report only every five minutes, InterFleet provides 6 to 10 updates per minute per vehicle. This rich detail supplies the foundation for accurate reporting capabilities.

“By installing these systems, we will both prolong the life of City infrastructure and keep more money in the pockets of Ottawa taxpayers.”
—Former Mayor Larry O’Brien, City of Ottawa

Key Benefits:

Automatic Vehicle Location – Find all your fleet vehicles quickly in real time. View the routes your vehicles take at 100-metre intervals.

Find Address and Closest Vehicle - Redeploy your vehicles to where they're most needed. Just type in an address and have the map zoom in and show the address on screen. See the ten closest vehicles with distance to a landmark or address.

Geofencing and Landmarks - Enter customer specific landmarks into the system such as waste transfer stations, dispatch facilities or patrol yards. Customize to set geofences and landmarks to generate alerts or reports when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.

Reporting – Generate comprehensive reports to enable strategic decision making. Reports allow you to view a broad range of fleet activities such as vehicle use, exceptions (alarms activated or speeding),vehicle maintenance, winter operations (salt usage or plow up/down), and route completion.

More - We have pioneered the first public information web site, which allows the public to access live GPS/AVL information about snow plows, buses, and waste vehicles.

InterFleet is a largely off-the-shelf solution, which can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. We have proven interfaces to the largest number of spreader controllers of any vendor in North America. The inherent flexibility of its design ensures that, after its initial implementation, you can adapt InterFleet to your growing needs.

InterFleet was previously a division of Grey Island Systems.

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