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At Webtech Wireless, we offer two distinct fleet management solutions: Quadrant and InterFleet. Behind each is Webtech Wireless technology, which defines us as a genuine end-to-end solution provider. Each solution provides powerful web-based vehicle tracking and telematics solutions—providing fleet managers with real-time and historical data to plan routes, update maintenance schedules, track work times, reduce fuel consumption, and much more.


Focusing on GPS/AVL solutions for government fleets, InterFleet is a customizable end-to-end vehicle tracking and telematics solutions. Government fleets benefit from the ability to integrate core system components with its broad range of M2M interfaces and legacy software integrations.

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Webtech Wireless’ Quadrant suite is an end-to-end GPS fleet management solution. By integrating real-time fleet data with back-office applications, Quadrant makes it easier and faster to enjoy the benefits of GPS vehicle and mobile resource tracking and telematics.

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Technology: Defining End-to-End Solution

What does it mean to be an end-to-end solution? At Webtech Wireless, we define it as the ability to project technology leadership to all aspects of fleet management. We design and manufacture our own hardware and software for which we are the patent owner. Our team of engineers, business leaders, and designers—comprising our internal technology council—is building the telematics solutions for tomorrow. We are creating the next generation of fleet management products.

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Services: Custom Solutions

Because one size does not fit all when it comes to implementing fleet management solutions, Webtech Wireless’ Professional Services Group is expert at designing custom solutions appropriate to your organization’s unique needs and goals. Webtech Wireless’ reputation is built on developing customer-based solutions for long-term sustainment.

 “I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks and appreciation for the extremely high level of effort that was exerted by the Webtech team this week while installing and training our mechanics and drivers. IT Applications Manager

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