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Webtech Wireless has created a white paper called, Telematics Return on Investment: The Human Factor. In this white paper, we quantify the specific cost reductions and productivity improvements of purchasing, training, and deploying a telematics solution. The information in this paper was gathered from numerous public sources, as well as from interviews and case studies of customers of Webtech Wireless’ Quadrant solution. We show how an organization can gain returns for their investment in telematics.

This white paper provides information arranged in the following areas:

Strategic Business Benefit: Some of the biggest return-on-investment benefits come from focusing on how telematics can help you realize your business goals. We show examples of how businesses can benefit from improving customer service, reducing time to deliver, eliminating delays, and increasing revenue.

Idling and Fuel Savings: Many fleet managers start looking at idling and fuel usage for their initial cost savings. Telematics can help improve overall fleet fuel efficiency, but only by using information from solutions such as Quadrant to create changes in driver behavior. Fuel savings of 10, 20, or even 25% is possible.

Fleet Performance: Many of our customers have realized their biggest returns by improving their overall fleet performance, carrying the same loads with fewer trucks and drivers. Getting dispatchers and drivers off the phone can lead to immediate savings. Using Quadrant’s mapping and route tracing features gives fleet managers visibility into actual fleet operations, opening up the potential to reduce route time and eliminate unnecessary stopping times.

Regulatory Environment: Complying with the regulatory environment is both costly and risky. An automated telematics solution for Hours of Service and fuel tax reporting eliminates many costs and dramatically reduces the risk of compliance. When these functions are fully automated, it is feasible for a company to realize savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Telematics Adoption: Our natural human avoidance of change often holds back the benefits of a telematics solution. We describe common methods that companies have implemented to ensure their telematics deployments gain high levels of adoption. We also show how utilizing human competition can compel driver behavior changes, leading up to as much as 29% improved fuel economy.

Risk Reduction: Managing a fleet is a challenge. While there are many risks involved, they can be managed with the help of a solution such as Quadrant. This includes lowering your insurance costs, reducing your accident rate, and protecting your brand reputation while providing senior management with peace of mind.

Repeatedly our research and customers have told us that gaining strategic, revenue, and cost advantage from telematics is a human problem—not a technical one. Each section of this telematics return on investment white paper provides examples of the human factor at work.

For more information please download our Telematics Return on Investment Summary or contact to obtain a copy of the full white paper.


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