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Product Announcements


Product Advisory Announcement Regarding HOS Rule Changes

As of December 16, 2014, President Obama signed the FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill. Upon signature, two provisions of the 34-hour restart rule were suspended. Click here for more information.


Webtech Wireless Announces Webtech Driver Center Version 5.1

Webtech Wireless is pleased to announce new and enhanced features to the Webtech Driver Center application. Webtech Driver Center version 5.1 includes:

  • Inspection Mode
  • Yard Mode
  • Server-Based Driver Configuration and
  • French Language Mode 

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Webtech Wireless Introduces New Advanced Reports

Webtech Wireless is pleased to announce enhancements to our award winning Quadrant solution. Subscribers can now enjoy a more dynamic user experience with Webtech Wireless’ new interactive Advanced Reports. Maneuver, sort, filter and extract data you need to view driver and vehicle performance and activities. 

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Please contact Customer Support at +1 (866) 945 4568 or to enable the new reports. 

WT5130 End-Of-Life Notification

Effective May 15th 2014, the WT5130Series Locator and affected products will enter a Last-Time-Buy period which ends on June 30th, 2014 and orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. Repair and service parts will be available for 3 years, after which time repair service and parts may be unavailable. We recommend that customers use the WT7000H+ as a replacement which has a 100% feature compatibility with additional enhanced features such as support for additional peripheral accessories and extended telemetry options. 

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MDT 2000CE and MDT 3100 End-of-Life Notification

The MDT 2000CE and MDT 3100 will no longer be available for general purchase. These products will continue to be supported through normal factory repair procedures for a period of three years from the end of life date. Webtech Wireless is dedicated to continuously enhancing our products and services to meet the needs of our customers and the market. Recently, we introduced two new mobile data terminals, the portable MDT 3500 and the mounted MDT 3200, as part of our product offering. 

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2G Locators End-of-Life Notification and Last-Time-Buy Notification

The WT5100, WT5110, WT6000E, and WT7000E Locators have reached their end of life, and Webtech Wireless is now accepting Last-Time-Buy orders. These 2G products entered their Last-Time-Buy period Effective December 16, 2013, and the Last-Time-Buy period ends February 1, 2014, and have been replaced by fully compatible 3G devices.

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Webtech Driver Center™— A New Level of In-Cab Performance

Webtech Driver Center is now available on the MDT3500 in an exciting new Android-based platform. Webtech Driver Center is designed for diverse industry segments and operational requirements:

  • Android operating system is an entire order of magnitude simpler than many hard-mounted operating systems, because it takes advantage of the latest Smart device features that make it easy for users.
  • Webtech Driver Center specifically targets both the US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada's Hours of Service regulations.
  • eDVIR automates driver vehicle inspections to improve accuracy and expedite inspection information to headquarters quickly.
  • Built for the MDT3500 In-Cab device, Webtech Driver Center revolutionizes mobile resource management with a driver-friendly interface, reliable two-way data, photo capture, and it's detachable from the cab enabling you to automate driver vehicle investigation reporting.

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InterFleet Supported Skywave Satellite Device End-of-Life Notification

The InterFleet supported Skywave Satellite device model MT3550 reached end-of-life status. Maintenance and repair of installed devices will be available until March 31, 2015 through the standard RMA procedure.

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2G Asset Watcher End-of-Life and Last-Time-Buy Notification

The WT2100, WT2110, and WT2110-P Asset Watchers have reached their end of life, and Webtech Wireless is now accepting Last-Time-Buy orders. These 2G products entered their Last-Time-Buy period Effective September 1, 2013, and the Last-Time-Buy period ends December 31, 2013, and have been replaced by fully compatible 3G devices.

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Announcing Quadrant Manager 9.9.1

We continue to release new versions of our award-winning Quadrant Manager and are pleased to announce Quadrant Manager 9.9.1. This version supports our new 3G products, enables fleet managers to view all locator types for all vehicles and assets from the Admin interface, provides support for Internet Explorer 10, introduces a new Driver Landmark Activity report, and returns new message notifications.

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Announcing Three New Solutions for Vehicle and Asset Tracking

At Webtech Wireless, we are introducing three new solutions that broaden the range of vehicles and assets you can track while making it easy for you to do the tracking. These solutions are designed both for large fleets that want to track non-fixed assets (such as trailers) and light-duty vehicles, and small fleets that want to deploy GPS/AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) fleet tracking simply and cost effectively.

  • Broaden the range of vehicles you can track
  • Track all vehicles and assets using Quadrant Manager
  • Enjoy the same benefits as the big fleet operators at a fraction the cost
  • Stay on the leading edge of technology

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Announcing MDT 3100 2.5 Including Navigation with ALK CoPilot®

We've partnered with ALK technologies to offer CoPilot® in-cab navigation on the MDT3100 In-Cab mobile data terminal. Using the MDT3100, drivers can configure truck-specific routing profiles that us truck dimensions and types of cargo (such as hazard materials) to route them around commercial truck restrictions and, as a result, avoid costly fines and vehicle damage.  AKL CoPilot is an industry-leading truck-specific GPS routing solution designed to provide reliable navigation on truck-legal roads while keeping drivers safe.

This new release of our award-winning MDT 3100 includes numerous enhancements:

  • CoPilot Navigation
  • Automatic driver provisioning
  • US-Canada HOS cross-border support
  • Automatic driver change and logoff

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Quadrant Manager 9.9

Our award-winning Quadrant Manager has been enhanced to re-introduce map clusters and Proxy Card Reader improvements.

We are introducing Quadrant Manager 9.9, which brings back the ability to view multiple vehicles as a cluster on a map. Now you can specify whether you want to see vehicle clustering or not. The Proxy Card Reader enables customers to track which drivers are using which vehicles. For those not using the MDT3100 in-cab solution, the Proxy Card Reader is integrated with Quadrant Manager making it easy for drivers to register individual vehicles. This allows them to track time individual drivers are operating vehicles, whether they were speeding, and to track general driver behavior.

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Quadrant Manager 9.8

Our award-winning Quadrant Manager 9.8 has been enhanced to enable advanced data integrations and customer-focused improvements.

This new release includes numerous enhancements:

  • A new partnership with Fleetcor (a global fuel card supplier)
  • A new partnership with Inrix (a leading provider of road data) for highly accurate speed limit data
  • An SAP engine identification imports Quadrant reports directly into SAP billing systems
  • An increase in the number of mobile devices that Quadrant supports

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Webtech 511

Municipalities across North America face a daunting challenge—keeping their constituents informed of what is happening in real-time. Rather than invent a completely new process for city communications, Webtech 511 builds on your existing communications infrastructure enabling you to integrate the Webtech 511 service easily customized to your CMS system. The process is proven and fast—letting you deliver today and tomorrow, exactly what your constituents are asking for.

Our Webtech 511 mapping app enables your constituents who use iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices to view city maps with the critical information they need to make decisions.

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Webtech 511

Quadrant 8 Transition

Customers tell us that our award-winning Quadrant Manager Version 9 has been instrumental in improving fleet performance, reducing fuel use, monitoring vehicle locations and driver behavior, while reducing risks to their organization. Quadrant 9 was first released in December 2010 and now that most of our customers have switched to Quadrant 9, and due to the upcoming elimination of third-party support for some of Quadrant 8's key components, we have begun the process to discontinue Quadrant 8. From now until after its discontinuation (January 31, 2013), we will be providing several types of support for customers still using Quadrant 8. To facilitate this transition, we are offering many types of resources, training, and support for Quadrant 8 customers.

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Quadrant Manager 9.7

We are introducing Quadrant Manager 9.7 with support for Android smart phones and tablets (version 4 and above). This new release includes numerous other enhancements:

  • New features, reports, and enhancements to increase fleet utilization by automatically monitoring and reporting where and when vehicles are doing specific activities
  • Integrated traffic and weather information available inside Quadrant Manager on your maps.
  • Unique mapping information for the Alberta Oil and Gas industry including the latest road, well site, pipeline and legal subdivision (LSD) data.

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Announcing Webtech Wireless Customer Care Website

We're pleased to announce that our new Customer Care website has been extended to all Webtech Wireless customers. Now all our customers can benefit from having improved support for our award-winning Quadrant and InterFleet GPS/AVL telematics solutions. The Customer Care website includes the ability to view all open and closed tickets, as well as new views, search criteria, and navigation capabilities.

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MDT3100 Version 2.3

A key aspect of our award-winning MDT3100 is to ensure drivers always comply with Canadian and US Department of Transport Hours of Service and cell phone regulations. Webtech Wireless’ MDT3100 version 2.3 builds on that reputation with numerous enhancements including updated US Interstate Passenger Carrying Rules (hours of service) designed especially for passenger-carrying vehicles, and improved form processing to save time completing forms at start and end of day.

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Quadrant Manager 9.6

Freezer trucksVersion 9.6 of our award-winning Quadrant Manager GPS/AVL and telematics solution is now available. This release provides unique features of particular interest to fleet managers in the food transportation and laboratory science supply industry, as well as key feature improvements of interest to all fleet managers:

  • New temperature geofences
  • Security
  • Chrome support
  • Landmarks
  • Reporting


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Quadrant Manager 9.5


Quadrant Manager Mobile

Our customers have told us that mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are critical to improving their productivity. Quadrant Mobile Manager now enables you to maximize the Quadrant Manager information you need—in the field, in real-time. Quadrant Manager 9.5 introduces many exciting new features and enhancements:

  • Quadrant Manager Mobile for the iPhone and iPad: A new Quadrant Manager interface is enabled automatically for iPhone and iPad users who access Quadrant Manager through the iOS Safari web browser.
  • Security: In this release, we are protecting every single Quadrant Manager web page by providing HTTPS access in all transactions.
  • TMW TruckMate integration: TMW TruckMate integration enables Quadrant to access and send information to Truckmate in real‐time.

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MDT3100 Version 2.1

Webtech Wireless’ MDT3100 is an in-cab mobile data terminal, a hardware and software device, designed to be installed and used in a vehicle for driver use. While being ultra reliable and mission critical to the successful operation of fleets, the MDT3100 has numerous software features, including the ability to interface and communicate with our real-time location based services (LBS) and back-office applications.

We are announcing the immediate availability of the MDT3100 Version 2.1. This new version includes the following major enhancements for voice commands and printer support.

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Quadrant Manager 9.4

Quadrant Manager 9.4 introduces many new features along with enhancements to existing features. These enhancements are broadly organized into these categories:

  • Large Fleets
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Vehicle Information
  • Login Compliance
  • Vehicle Scorecard Summary
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • Automatic Diagnostic Settings
  • Security
  • Hours of Service

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Webtech Wireless will no longer be manufacturing WT5000 Locator, due to the unavailability of key components. This pertains to all models of the WT5000, including the WT5000E, WT5000L, and WT5000G models.If you have utilized WT5000s in the past, we recommend our new Quadrant WT5100 and WT5110 Locator models instead.

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