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Case Studies


At Webtech Wireless, we measure success by how your business implements our telematics solutions. To find out how other organizations have improved their business operations, read the case studies below. They are categorized by industry.


Oil and Gas

Troyer Ventures

Wireless Technologies Help Fleets Stay Competitive

In an industry sometimes referred to as “blue collar” (slow to adopt new technologies and processes), Troyer Ventures’ early adoption of technology is leading the way in its industry to outstanding productivity, accountability, and safety. Learn more...


Golden Flake

Snack Maker Sought Efficiency, Safety and Compliance

Golden Flake posted record sales last year, but spiraling fuel and commodity prices decreased net profits. It had to develop a cost-effective way to ensure that the drivers of its 32 transport trucks followed strict new Department of Transportation performance and safety regulations.

Working with Webtech Wireless and its mobility partner, AT&T, Golden Flake was able to use real-time and historical GPS-based information to improve operations and reduce errors. In addition, report preparation to document results has been cut back to a fraction of the time it used to take. Learn more...

California Vanpool Authority (CalVans)

CalVans keeps insurance costs down by more than two thirds.

The California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) needed to improve how it tracked and reported on van activities including safe vehicle operation, regulatory compliance, and theft prevention. Equipped with a Webtech Wireless GPS/AVL solution, it can now track a vehicle, identify who is driving, how many riders are aboard, how far and fast the vehicle has traveled, and communicate to drivers with a hands-free voice system. Learn more...

CalVans Fleet GPS Track by Webtech Wireless
Cascade Sierra

Mobility Solution Has Truckers Seeing Green

Cascade Sierra Solutions is finding ways to reduce emissions by helping drivers replace and upgrade their trucks to more fuel efficient ones. Now they are reducing emissions by a thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air everyday with large implications for a brighter future as they expand operations. Learn more...

Cascade Sierra Solutions
Hermann Brothers

“With the productivity savings we’ve made to date, both systems have already paid for themselves and are saving us a significant amount on operating costs.” 

Find out how Hermann Brothers saves $500/ day in operating costs with Webtech Wireless fleet tracking solution. Learn more...



Brewers Distributors

“The more efficient we are, translates into lower maintenance costs on our trucks, less overtime for our drivers and more satisfied customers - it’s a win-win scenario.”

Read this case study and discover how Brewers Distributor Ltd improved customer satisfaction while increasing business efficiencies with Webtech Wireless location-based services and telematics solution. Learn more...


Benson Tank Lines

“Just by being able to generate the reports and monitor the movement of trucks, we have been able to more accurately account for delays and bill our customers accordingly.”

Explore how Webtech Wireless fleet tracking solution has helped Benson Tank Lines optimize operating costs and increase driver safety. Learn more...




City of Vaughan

"We've found that the information InterFleet provides is vital in our response to residents' concerns,       City Council's accountability, and managing our contractors and their delivery of service."

Find out how InterFleet provided City of Vaughan with real time location-based services and capabilities to help effectively manage their vehicles and drivers. Learn more...

City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation 

"Telematics will help us with everything from the number and type of vehicles we're using for a particular task, how they're being used, and the amount of CO2 they're producing."

Find out how Quadrant provided fleet managers of the City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation with critical information to improve fleet utilization and increase operational efficiencies across the organization. Learn more... 

City of Columbia

"Now we know our trucks are not running up and down the road as much. Drivers are where they are supposed to be and working where they are supposed to be at - at all times - so it makes it a lot easier for us to track."

Read this case study and discover how City of Columbia has improved workforce productivity with real-time monitoring of its vehicle routes. Learn more...

City of Chicago

"By transmitting location data on every turn of the vehicle, rather than at specific time intervals as is typical in the industry, city officials receive information that demonstrates actual routes taken rather than a visual representation of vehicles traveling 'as the crow flies' ". 

Discover how Quadrant provides City of Chicago with a single interface for accessing the full range of information available to the city, including where each snow removal vehicle is located, which direction it is headed, and how fast it is going. Learn more...
City of Inglewood 

"We were looking for a system that we could live with every day, plus it needed to integrate easily with our existing systems. Quadrant not only met these needs, but also provided our Fleet Supervisors with critical visibility and insight into vehicle and driver status - in real time."

Find out how Quadrant helped City of Inglewood to fulfill the company's operational and customer service goals. Learn more...




"We're in a business that needs to respond to new customer requests every hour of the day. We needed to find a system that not only helps us track our vehicles, but that also integrates seamlessly with our current IT. Webtech Wireless did just that and, as a result, has improved our productivity and customer service across the board."

Read this case study and discover how Payne Air Conditioning integrated WebTech Wireless' vehicle tracking and telematics technology to an existing infrastructure, improved asset utility and increased customer satisfaction. Learn more...



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