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GPS Fleet Tracking Works

At Webtech Wireless, we develop, manufacture, and support end-to-end GPS fleet tracking and AVL (automated vehicle location) solutions that improve the productivity, profitability, environmental compliance, and safety of fleets. With over a thousand clients and years of experience serving commercial and government fleets, Webtech Wireless GPS fleet tracking solutions have been tried and tested successfully in multiple deployments and jurisdictions.

Gain Visibility

  • Gain visibility into who, what, where and when activities are occurring and increase productivity by 15 to 20 percent.
  • Improve business efficiency by tracking progress in real-time and re-allocating resources where they are most needed.

Lower Costs

  • With our GPS fleet tracking, improve fuel economy by monitoring harsh breaking, sharp turns, idling and speeding to help drivers reduce fuel consumption.
  • Safeguard your assets by automatically detecting unauthorized movement and locating vehicles and mobile assets in real-time.
  • With greater insight into vehicle performance and maintenance problems, fleet operators can optimize fleet utilization and reduce repair costs to vehicles.

Improve Safety

  • Know where your drivers are at all times with real-time GPS fleet tracking, turn-by-turn navigation, and by-the-second reporting.
  • Keep your drivers off their cell phones with our in-cab solution that offers two-way communication between fleet managers and drivers.
“We chose Webtech Wireless, because its technology was superior to anything else we evaluated.”
—Helen Rane Carobone, Department of Transportation, City of Chicago


Contact-Us_GPS-Fleet-TrackingContact us today. Call +1 (866) 287 0135 (Option 2) or complete the form (left) and we will call you back within one business day to discuss your GPS fleet tracking solution.


GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions for Commercial Fleets

Running a commercial enterprise that relies on fleets of vehicles, drivers—and all the maintenance and logistics to keep it running—is a big challenge for fleet managers. We make it easy for you to gain key insights into productivity, customer service, fuel economy, routes, maintenance, and vehicle performance. Whether your fleet needs a GPS fleet tracking solution for long haul, LTL (less than load), food/supply chain management, intermodal/cargo, or trailer management, our award-winning telematics solutions are proven at thousands of customer locations.

Comply with Regulations

  • Eliminate paper logs and monitor Hours of Service (HOS) regulations automatically with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology, formally known as an Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR).
  • Integrate with ProMiles IFTA to automatically generate fuel-tax reports for compliance with tax regulations.

Optimize Logistics

  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party dispatch and accounting applications and third-party logistics (3PL).
  • Utilize key insights gained from real-time data to improve productivity, customer service, fuel economy, routes, and vehicle maintenance.
  • Increase the accuracy of cost forecasting (stop time, travel time, and mileage per customer call) by up to 85 percent.

Find People and Assets

  • Find and redeploy drivers where most needed.
  • With our GPS fleet tracking, ensure drivers are safe in real-time even in a dangerous industry such as Oil and Gas transportation.
  • Accurately track trailer content for security from theft and cargo temperature variations.
“With the level of minute-by-minute information we’re getting, Webtech Wireless’ Quadrant is the best thing going.”
—Steve Troyer, Owner, Troyer Ventures

GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions for Government Fleets

Webtech Wireless is North America’s #1 GPS fleet tracking solution provider for winter fleets. Over the years, we’ve delivered value to all levels of government including municipal, county, state, and provincial, reducing risk for both managers and elected officials. Webtech Wireless knows government fleets.

To manage fleet operations efficiently, you need a full end-to-end GPS fleet tracking solution that leverages high-frequency reporting and customer-defined GIS mapping information, and integrates with other existing in-house systems. With a Webtech Wireless GPS fleet tracking solution, you will mitigate liability, reduce material usage, more efficiently manage third-party contractors, ensure operating compliance, and lower overall costs.

Mitigate Risk

  • Improve safety of mobile workers by knowing where they are at all times with real-time GPS fleet tracking, ten-second reporting, and safety alerts.
  • Prove where your vehicles are (and where they are not) to reduce liability and increase public confidence.

Manage Third-Party Contractors

  • Ensure accountability of third-party contractors.
  • Track and maximize material usage for Winter Fleets.

Lower Operating Costs

  • Maximize your GPS fleet tracking investment by identifying specific problems with vehicle use and make cost-saving changes.
  • Reduce fuel wastage through excessive idling or speeding.
  • Manage materials with GPS trucks and reduce material costs by up to 20 percent.
“By installing these systems, we will both prolong the life of City infrastructure and keep more money in the pockets of Ottawa taxpayers.”
—Mayor Larry O’Brien, City of Ottawa

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