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Reduce Emissions

Driven by government regulations and public health concerns, you may be looking at ways to green your fleet. The good news for companies wanting to meet EPA mandated CO2 emission reductions is this: a greener fleet is also a leaner fleet.

Key Benefits

By making your fleet more environmentally friendly, you’ll save money too. Here’s how:

Speed Limits - Reduce fuel use and CO2—and improve safety—by monitoring excessive speeds.

Idling Controls - Lower idling times by up to 90%. Long-haul trucks can save $8,000 per truck per year (averaging 1,800 hours idling per year)

Driving Analysis and Training - Find each vehicle’s “sweet spot”—the specific speeds, gear shifts, and acceleration—where maximum fuel efficiency is achieved. Reduce sharp acceleration, hard braking, and idling events

Pro-active Maintenance and Smog Checks – Automatically monitor oil life, fault codes, and emissions control system status. A WebTech Wireless system monitors engine diagnostics as each vehicle moves. It then correlates the data with routing options, schedules, maintenance, and driving behavior. Automated scorecards work around the clock, so you can quickly see gains in profitability and performance. An average fleet can save thousands of dollars per vehicle per year.

Fleet Utilization - Realize huge savings in labor and fuel costs because drivers aren’t sent out in search of lost trailers – large companies have recovered millions of dollars this way.

Paperwork Reductions - Automatically share electronic driver logs, fuel tax reports, timecards, and schedule analyses with dispatch and accounting systems.

Customer Service - Through on-time delivery and “find nearest vehicle” route optimization, you lessen cargo spoilage and diminish unnecessary customer queries—by as much as 95%. 

Telematics for the Planet

Telematics for the Planet represents a multifaceted commitment to develop cost effective, location-based technologies that benefit our environment by reducing vehicle use and resultant CO2 and pollutant generation, as well as making reference to the Company’s global presence.

Under the program, trucking companies can now receive government grants for purchasing “cleaner” trucks, which must be fitted with telematics units in order to prove compliance. The telematics units also help operators with vehicle asset management and security, complement Homeland Security measures, and improve overall port efficiency.

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