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Realize ROI


Some of the biggest return‐on‐investment benefits come from focusing on how telematics can help you realize your business goals. Our customers have realized a quick return on investment from improved customer service, reduced time to deliver, eliminated delays, and increased revenue.

Case Study

A forest products company, with over 4,000 employees and six plants, needed to improve how its class 8 tractor trailer fleet delivered building materials to its customers in the western United States. Initially, management simply wanted a reliable fleet management solution to cut operating costs and help comply with US Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, but soon they found that they could gain additional returns on investment in two key ways:

  • Increase their customer base
  • Realize a quick return investment through fuel savings

Increase customer base

On‐time delivery and improved customer service allow organizations to position themselves as the high-value providers against competitors—enabling them to gain market share.

“Drivers use an automated form for delivery. This form includes additional services that the company offers its customers. With an automated solution, drivers are reminded to ask customers about these additional services. After deploying Quadrant, Peninsula is able to generate up to $1,200 of additional services per week.”

Realize a quick return on telematics investment

After factoring in the first-year hardware investment and ongoing service, fuel savings from reduced vehicle idling helped the company realize a return on its investment in less than two years. By year three, the company could expect to see even more savings due to reduced vehicle maintenance costs, realized driver compliance, and other operational efficiencies.

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