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Optimize Fleet Performance

If an organization has no telematics solution for their fleet, management has no visibility into the productivity of their fleet. It is only by fully automating the tracking of vehicles with a solution such as a Quadrant Locator, can senior management gain insight into their fleet performance.

Different organizations optimize based on different criteria. Examples include:

  • Shortest average load time
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost per load
  • Time to haul total volume
  • Minimum route distance or time per delivery

Until management has an automated method of tracking and reporting on their fleet, there is no practical way to optimize for one of these goals. Our customers have seen realizable concrete results by deploying Quadrant. Here are two examples of Quadrant customers and the results they received from deploying and managing their fleet with Quadrant:

“Sierra Pacific Industries uses 15% fewer trucks to haul the same volume.”

Automate Dispatch

Time waiting for dispatch can be one of the biggest costs in running a fleet. One of the most common methods of manual dispatch is for drivers to call dispatch for their next pickup or delivery. In this case, drivers have to wait to connect with a dispatcher. As there are many drivers and few dispatchers, drivers are often waiting for long periods of time.

“Before Quadrant, drivers were waiting up to an hour to be dispatched.”
—Jim Barr, CP Rail

Leverage Cost Savings

While there are substantial cost savings, the improved visibility and knowledge of how a fleet is performing gives senior management confidence that they are managing the risks and the benefits to their customers.

“At Peninsula Truck Lines, they gained 85% accuracy in their costing information, including stop time, travel time, and accurate mileage...” “Peninsula now has visibility into the cost of every shipment, letting the company make business decisions regarding how they price their services to better align with the cost of handling a specific customers shipping needs”.
—Return on Investment white paper

Improve Efficiency

Our customers report that they consistently find instances of lengthy stop times. When multiplied by their active customer base, the cost in lost efficiency is significant. With improved visibility into stop times, they can work with their drivers and customers to remove delivery bottlenecks at customer sites.

 “At CP Rail, they use the geofence feature to indicate when their vehicles arrive at a customer location. Wait time is now tracked and charged back to the customer automatically.”

Be Pro-active about Vehicle Diagnostics

The ability to monitor fleet performance and pro-actively schedule repairs will save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. With greater insight into vehicle performance and maintenance problems, fleet operators can optimize fleet utilization and eliminate downtime.

For example, the Webtech Wireless J1708 engine interface solution provides you with timely insights to vehicle data:

  • Distance traveled and odometer reading
  • Fuel consumption
  • Hard brake occurrences
  • Average speed and engine run time
  • Moving time and RPM
  • Excess Speed and Over Idle

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Being able to disprove false liability claims gives you peace of mind and ensures that brand reputation is maintained. Occasionally, when our customers were accused of causing accidents (such as flying stones from trucks), the Quadrant track and trace solution could prove that their vehicles were not even in the vicinity of where the accident occurred.

“Quadrant gives us—any of us on the management team—a whole lot of peace of mind.”
—Kevin Bookey, National Foods, Transportation Manager
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