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Increase Safety

Accidents are costly. The more serious the accident, the more time and attention you must devote to it. What is it worth—in dollars and peace of mind—to know that your vehicles and drivers are safe?

For most fleet managers, reducing risk and gaining fleet visibility are critical success factors for choosing a telematics solution. Webtech Wireless has over a decade of experience helping customers successfully use its GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

“There are so many unknown losses from accidents. There is lack of productivity when we all have to turn our attention to managing an accident—all kinds of personnel wasting their time dealing with the accident and managing the consequences. The cost itself can be really bad. Trucks are down, customers are upset, and it is an amplification of a problem.”
—Kevin Bookey, National Foods, Transportation Manager

Achieve High Visibility—the Key to Accident Prevention

The key to reducing risk is through increased visibility. Our customers say that, with equipment being more expensive to maintain, they rely on automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology to increase safety in their workplaces. Vehicles equipped with an AVL solution are safer. If someone claims in error that your vehicle caused an accident, you can use its AVL reporting to prove the real location of the vehicle.

Improve Worker Safety

As someone responsible for mobile workers, you are at risk whenever they work alone—especially in the hazardous environments common to the oil and gas sector. Without real-time visibility into these workers and how they're driving, you risk your credibility, your company’s safety reputation, and of course the worker’s wellbeing. How much risk is too much?

Reduce Insurance Costs

Managing a large fleet of vehicles and drivers is risky and insurers know that. They also know that using telematics to track your fleet reduces your accident rate and they will reward you by reducing your insurance costs. When you deploy a Webtech Wireless solution, you can negotiate an immediate 5% reduction in your insurance premiums. With proof of reductions in your accident rate, further reductions are often possible.

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