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Improve Fuel Economy

Your savings can be significant. Webtech Wireless’ combination of vehicle diagnostics and automatic vehicle location (AVL) ensures you’ll be able to slash fuel wastage in your fleet within two years of implementing a GPS fleet solution.

What our customers tell us presents a story of how their Webtech Wireless solution significantly improved their fuel economy:

Reduced Idling

Within the first two years of deploying the Webtech Wireless solution, an electric utility company realized a fuel savings of over 22,000 gallons. In the third year, the company saved an additional 18,000 gallons of fuel. The fleet manager attributed lower fuel costs to a combination of “GPS technology, driver training (operator knowledge), more fuel efficient vehicles, and improved dispatch management.”

Decreased Speeding

Experienced drivers know that reducing speed optimizes fuel economy, but do they know by how much? With the reporting tools including in a Webtech Wireless solution, such as Quadrant, fleet managers can pinpoint speeding to reduce fuel consumption and also ensure driver safety and compliance.

“A good rule of thumb is a 0.1 mpg improvement for every 1 mph reduction in speed over 55 mph.”
—Jeff Johns, Cascade Sierra Solutions

Route Optimization

Fleet managers at a service fleet company use their Webtech Wireless implementation to determine the right number and type of vehicles on the road. By analyzing travel and stop durations, distances traveled, and maximum speeds, they could deploy vehicles the right areas. They could also measure results against targets with vehicle scorecards to “make a real dent in fuel costs”.

“Considering the effects of real-world driving conditions, the most aggressively driven trips could still realize fuel savings on the order of 20% from implementing efficient driving techniques.”
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