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Enhance Customer Service

Is your service fleet driving blind? Without an automatic vehicle location (AVL) solution, your service fleet is at a loss to find its vehicles, re-allocate them to where they’re needed, and to re-assure customers when they’ll arrive. Your customers are calling—do you know where your vehicles are?

A Webtech Wireless solution optimizes vehicle routes by providing estimated time of arrival (ETA), based on a vehicle’s real-time location. If a customer calls about a delivery or service call, you can view your vehicles’ exact locations in real-time. Improved accuracy of deliveries and service calls mean happier customers and more business for you. With a Webtech Wireless AVL solution, you can count on increasing your customer base through customer loyalty and brand credibility.

Job Management for Better Customer Service

If your fleet needs multiple-destination routing, Webtech Wireless' in-cab job management integrates seamlessly with Garmin® personal navigation devices. Alone, Garmin cannot accept dispatch and send directions from your dispatch office (your drivers would have to enter that information themselves), but with a Webtech Wireless Job Management solution, Dispatch can assign destinations to individual drivers and get status updates back at the office.

Equipped with Garmin devices, drivers receive new dispatches complete with turn-by-turn visual and voice instructions and optimal routing provided by Garmin’s ecoRoute™ capability.

This integration is also safer because it enables drivers to receive instructions without needing cell phones or even map books, thus allowing them to focus on their most important duty—driving.

With a Webtech Wireless customer service solution, you can answer these questions:

Where are my vehicles?

With Webtech Wireless, finding your vehicles is as easy as viewing a web-based map. Webtech Wireless’ AVL solution enables you to view all your vehicles through its integration with Google® maps.

Where’s the nearest vehicle?

The immediate responsiveness of “Find Nearest Vehicle” route optimization ensures you can find and route vehicles to where they’re needed most.

When will a vehicle arrive?

With full visibility into your fleet and the ability to find and dispatch nearest vehicles, it’s easy to estimate the time of arrival to the minute. Your customers will thank you with their loyalty.

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