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Attract Top Drivers

Make life easy for your good drivers by providing them with the tools and training to become more productive. The three benefits our customers list about Webtech Wireless’ automated vehicle tracking solutions is that they increase productivity, enhance visibility, and increase safety for their drivers.

Here’s what you can do now to support great drivers:

Increase Visibility

From the perspective of your customers, your drivers are the face of your company. It’s your brand logo on the side of your vehicles, and how those vehicles are being driven impacts your reputation.

When first deploying a telematics solution, some drivers are concerned about feeling watched over.

“There was some initial apprehension from employees and…once employees and unions understood this, and that the system would make their jobs easier by reducing administrative tasks, then they became more accepting.”
-- Gregory De Weese, City of Chicago, Department of Sanitation

Nobody likes to change, but for a company to move beyond entrenched habits, change is a must. Better productivity and fuel economy is a reflection of human behaviour. Ensuring you gain the full advantage of a fleet management solution, we work with you to develop workflows and training for staff—this ensures maximum buy in for all.

Increase Safety

Preventing injury and death is a constant risk of fleet management. Webtech Wireless solutions are pro-active. Our customers tell us that eliminating the need for cell phones while driving allows drivers to focus on driving. If an accident occurs (to a driver or bystander), a vehicle tracking solution can reduce the severity of the accident by quickly alerting you and emergency workers.

In transportation, where Hours of Service (HOS) and other regulations are increasingly focusing on safety, GPS vehicle tracking solutions allow you to assure safety compliance.

“In perhaps the biggest regulatory change since trucking was economically deregulated 31 years ago, the government this year begins enforcing a new truck safety-monitoring program that could sideline as many as 150,000 unsafe drivers, or 5 percent of the nation’s 3 million long-haul truck drivers.”
--John D. Schulz, Contributing Editor
CSA 2010: A Field Guide: Untangling the Beast

Improve Productivity

Other fleet companies use automated screening tools to eliminate the guesswork in hiring. Without a fleet management solution, you risk hiring someone else’s problem.

Good drivers want to drive, but like everybody they want to know that their good driving practices are rewarded. Nothing is more discouraging for good drivers than to see other drivers get away with poor driving practices. Understanding that top drivers are that way, because they want to deliver outstanding service is the key to increasing productivity. Supporting great driving behavior creates better drivers and attracts the best.

Top drivers love competition. They want to be accountable and are focused on being productive. Our customers report that a key to any sort of measurement scale or competition is that it can be seen to be fair to everyone involved. They are also competitive by nature and with accurate driving information—you can accurately reward great driving.

“In the logging industry, drivers are hired in the spring and let go in the fall. The higher the driving score, the sooner drivers are hired in the spring and the longer they get to work in the fall. Drivers see this system as fair and independent. Drivers compete to be the one who gets to work the longest season.” —Steve Gaston, Sierra Pacific Industries Information Services Manager
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