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Running a business that relies on fleets of vehicles, drivers—and all the maintenance and logistics to keep it running—is a big challenge for fleet managers. Our telematics solutions make it easier for you to gain key insights into productivity, customer service, fuel economy, routes, maintenance, and vehicle performance.

“To realize the full benefits, telematics must be seen as a complete fleet solution.” Kevin Bookey, National Foods, Transportation Manager

Read the top-ten benefits of a Webtech Wireless solution:

Attract Top Drivers

Transportation and other fleet managers are facing a shortage of quality drivers. As a fleet manager, your ability to monitor vehicles and drivers provides the data you need to know where to reduce inefficient driving practices and improve driver safety.

By utilizing information obtained to improve driver behavior, telematics improves overall fleet efficiency. For example, by using Webtech Wireless’ turn-by-turn navigation, a company can obtain accurate IFTA fuel tax data on miles driven and automatically generate fuel tax reports for efficient compliance with tax regulations.

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Comply with Regulations

Webtech Wireless provides many features to help you meet regulatory compliance with CSA Safety regulation (automated Hours of Service), and IFTA Fuel Taxes for both the US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada.

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Enhance Customer Service

Increasingly, customers demand faster and more efficient service delivery, and with growing pressure to increase productivity, service fleets are looking for new ways to optimize their operations. WebTech Wireless’ GPS vehicle tracking and telematics solutions allow you to monitor scheduled routes from start to finish, to locate mobile assets with precise accuracy, and to correct unforeseen obstacles that may impact productivity and efficiency.

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Improve Fuel Economy

With ever-rising fuel costs, fuel economy is critical to reducing fleet expenses. Recent research proves that reduced idling, reduced driving speeds, and driver training play a huge part in improving fuel economy. Simply by reducing driver idling times and speed, many Webtech Wireless customers have achieved as much as a 22% reduction in fuel consumption.

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Increase Safety

As someone responsible for mobile workers, you are at risk whenever they work alone—especially in hazardous environments such as the oil and gas sector. Without real-time visibility into these workers, you risk your credibility, your company’s safety reputation, and of course the worker’s well being. How much risk is too much?

Webtech Wireless AVL solutions—such as lone worker, and real-time vehicle location notifications—help fleet managers across multiple industries improve safety, reduce insurance costs, and improve operations.

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Lower Costs

Driver training is a big part of the Webtech Wireless solution, allowing you to maximize your investment in GPS vehicle tracking. Vehicle telemetry allows you to identify specific problems with vehicle use and make cost-saving changes. By improving driver behavior, you can realize savings in fuel consumption, idling reduction, and fewer hard starts and stops. Reduced speed has a decided affect on reducing unnecessary costs. Webtech Wireless’ vehicle diagnostics improves fleet performance, because you can identify vehicle problems and schedule maintenance when problems are still minor.

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Optimize Fleet Performance

Industry best practices demonstrate that improving fleet performance can be the single biggest area to gain returns from a telematics solution. Webtech Wireless provides timely insight into vehicle data, which you can use to schedule maintenance (vehicle diagnostics), monitor driver behavior (telemetry), and improve company best practices (automated dispatch).

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Prevent Theft

Webtech Wireless solutions provide the ability to access detailed vehicle movement data for theft recovery purposes. Find out how our complete location-based services and telematics solutions will help you confront the risk and cost of theft and the rising cost of vehicle insurance.

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Realize ROI

As a high-value fleet manager, what gives you an edge over the competition is greater fuel savings, on‐time delivery, and improved customer service. By deploying a telematics solution, our customers invariably report a quick return on their investment with additional unforeseen revenue-generating opportunities—such as improved dispatch and driver performance (allowing drivers to service more customers). An overall goal of 15 to 20% improved productivity for an entire fleet is achievable after deploying a Webtech Wireless solution.

“Depending on the cost of fuel, distance traveled, and the size of your fleet, a 0.1 mpg improvement in fuel economy can often justify the entire cost of a telematics deployment.”

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Reduce Emissions

Cutting CO2 emissions enhances your corporate identity while saving your money. Webtech Wireless’ solutions are great for cutting emissions. Your customers will appreciate that by reducing your CO2 emissions, your fleet is better for the environment too.

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