Why Driver Safety should be a Priority

Your drivers are often the face of your company. The face of your company represents your brand, your image, your reputation and over time, your ability to attract new business and maintain existing business.

Your drivers also represent operational risk. If they aren’t adhering to best driving practices are they more at risk of getting involved in an accident? Statistics indicate accidents comprise 14% of a fleet’s total expense.

Here, we have a company asset that has both the ability to increase your revenue or drive increased costs. This most valued asset (your driver) when coached, also has the ability to help lower costs, pretty significantly too.

In today’s very competitive world, organizations can’t afford to ignore the very real advantages that following best driver practices deliver. Easier said than done? This would have been true once upon a time, but today’s fleet management solutions make it even easier than ever to deliver fleet safety across the board.

Consider also the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety Management Cycle – a model developed by the FMCSA that outlines six operational areas where breakdowns may occur. The model, used in conjunction with data sourced from your fleet  management solution can help you develop your own policies and procedures, track and monitor the adherence of these policies, form the basis of regular and ongoing coaching and training programs and implement action plans when required.


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