Webtech Fleet Center Delivers Efficiency Gains for your Drivers

TheRoadAheadIf trucking is your business, then your business relies on drivers to remain in business, generate profits and gain competitive advantages. It makes sense then to do whatever you can to help your drivers optimize their time.

Webtech Fleet Center helps your drivers maximize their driving time, reduce time-consuming and error-prone paperwork and comply with FMCSA and DOT regulations.

  • Route your drivers based on what makes the most sense – their time is spent earning revenue and not wasted driving between jobs
  • Incorporate automation efficiencies whenever possible – reduce errors and paperwork and process administrative duties with the utmost speed.
  • Ensure efficient routing and navigation on truck legal roads – help your drivers determine optimal routes.
  • Optimize inspections – help your drivers simply and easily run through an inspection by providing officials only that information that is relevant to them, in a preferred format.
  • Comply with FMCSA and DOT regulations using automated HOS monitoring – help your drivers save time and avoid inaccuracies.
  • Use your driver’s time wisely with functionality like Webtech Fleet Center’s Yard Mode to automatically ensure your drivers aren’t using up their drive-time when they aren’t on the road driving.
  • Further streamline inspections with fully electronic eDVIR workflow. Inspections, repairs and eDVIR certifications can take place in the field, with no need for paper reports.

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