The City of North Canton Saves $300k in one year with Webtech Wireless

North CantonWe have another incredible example of how GPS/AVL delivers rapid, game-changing results for government agencies with winter operations.

The City of North Canton was experiencing the extremely high costs of inefficient salt use in the midst of a national salt shortage and an increase in winter events. The combination was making consistent service levels impossible to sustain.

By implementing Webtech Fleet Center with its many integrations to winter operations 3rd party technology, the City of North Canton went from manually spreading road de-icing materials based on what the driver was seeing from the side-view mirror, not being able to determine when each street was plowed, not adhering to DOT salt usage recommendations, to full compliance of DOT rates, increased customer service and extremely efficient use of high-cost materials.

In the first year of use, the City of North Canton saved $300,000 in material (salt) costs alone. This doesn’t take into consideration what the City gained in terms of routing efficiencies and increased responsiveness and customer service.

Webtech Fleet Center was a game-changer for the City of North Canton.

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