Thank you Customers!


We recently participated in a worldwide Customer Experience Day celebration at Webtech Wireless to recognize our customers and take a moment to put our gratitude in writing.

Each of us was given a card, on which to write a small note of thanks to the customer(s) that most readily comes to mind (each card was mailed this week).

We also celebrated some of the many ways we’ve made a positive difference to our customers by posting customer feedback in our cafeteria. These notes are now proudly displayed on our new Customer Compliments Board. We genuinely appreciate the kind things you had to say and strive to provide you many reasons to continue to say such nice things.

Capping it all off, we “toasted” you — our customers with two great, big cakes (one in Toronto and one in Vancouver)!

Thank you again for being such great customers. Here’s to ongoing, rewarding and fulfilling relationships!

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