Minimize Government Liability Exposure with GPS and vehicle telematics

Financial risk and liability exposure for government agencies has steadily increased over the past 30 years.

GPS and Vehicle Telematics to Minimize Government Liability ExposureTypes of Government Liability

When we think about agency liability, we mostly think of post-event claims. There is no doubt these types of claims pose a significant amount of exposure risk for any agency, but we are also consistently seeing risk in three other core agency areas – customer service, environmental compliance and political liability.

Increased exposure is evident across four fronts, but there is definitely something you can do to minimize the exposure – use technology, specifically GPS and vehicle telematics to keep one step ahead.

As an agency, you will have published service and maintenance standards that you are striving to meet. Your exposure lies in how closely you track to your published levels. Technology can help you determine the exact leels you are achieving, the variance between what you’ve published and where you are at, the adjustments required to meet your targets and the data you need to defend your position when the need arises.

How GPS and vehicle telematics data minimizes your risk

GPS and vehicle telematics data is the most efficient and effective method of substantiating your position. The good news is that this data can be used to defend against post-even claims, the minute you implement your solution.

The data your GPS vehicle telematics solution provides also helps you address customer service liability;

  1. Internally – determining how to react to customer service claims based on what the data proves actually happened and;
  2. Externally – to provide service level visibility to constituents.

Specific vehicle telematics data supports an agency’s environmental exposure by providing detailed and accurate reporting on data points such as winter maintenance material usage (ie. Salt or Sand) and vehicle idle times.

Political liability can also be addressed in terms of an agency’s response time to safety concerns, reporting on status  of service levels, defeating viral misinformation – all tackled with accurate GPS vehicle telematics data.

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