Call Centers are Changing….for the better

Call Center - Big Data, Predictive AnalyticsCall Centers are Changing….for the better, through Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) , the computing that allows for automated voice systems is becoming sophisticated enough to manage long strings of words and still effectively route callers.

In a new Forbes article, it seems NLP systems are beginning to analyze our speech in far more detailed ways, beyond what is being said to actually how it’s being said. Systems can now analyze tone, vocabulary, sentiment and silences to gauge emotion and dissatisfaction. Age can even be determined so callers can be routed to someone more reliable.

Predictive analytics can also be used to detect when a caller is getting angry, lying or attempting to commit fraud.

The article also references a company called Mattersight that is developing a system that will analyze a caller’s personality so that they can be matched with the call center agent best-suited to engage with that personality.

CornerstoneDemand, another company puts call-center applicants through an automated application process to predict who should be interviewed, which areas prospective applicants will excel at and which may pose challenges and which applicants are likely better-suited to other careers.

This is going to be great for the online dating world!

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