Open your live service data to your customers. Increase community engagement.


Highlight growth, change and accountability to:

  • Provide a sense of agency accomplishments and roadmaps
  • Build trust within your community
  • Gain new ideas and understand community needs better through interaction


The more effectively a local government works with members of its community, the more business will be drawn to that area.


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Are your customers able to access fleet-related information pertaining to their community easily and effectively?

Does the level of transparency your agency provides deliver a good sense of ongoing accomplishments to your customers, highlighting growth and reform?

Webtech Fleet Center provides all the fleet data your agency needs to deliver enhanced transparency to your customers, keeping them engaged in their community, fostering professionalism and promoting economic growth.

Empower your customers

  • Tools that support transparency help increase agency levels of trust. High levels of customer trust empowers citizens to take more responsibility and work with their agencies to achieve common goals.

Increase community engagement

  • Tools and data that support an agency’s drive to be more transparent to their customers helps increase operational efficiency and community engagement. Increased focus on strengths, growth and goals attracts customers and drives economic gains.

Educate your audience

  • Connecting with your customers helps to keep your agency and your customer base aligned, focused on common goals and more receptive to productive, collaborative dialogs.