Theft Prevention

Protect your assets. Reduce insurance costs. Keep your business running smoothly.

Protect Assets & Reduce Insurance Costs:

  • Know where your assets are at all times
  • Detect unauthorized movement or usage
  • Optimized asset recovery with accurate, real-time location data
  • Eliminate fuel theft with automatic syncing of fuel purchase with authorized vehicle (integration with FLEETCOR)

Theft Prevention

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Are you protecting your assets from theft or unauthorized use?

Protecting your assets can ensure all your equipment is ready when you need it, ultimately improving customer service and bottom line results. Theft prevention also ensures reductions in insurance costs as well as a reduction in downtime and asset replacement costs.

Protecting your mobile assets from theft and fraud provides more benefits than you think!

Increase asset productivity and customer service

  • Locate assets at any given time, allowing an organization to continue delivering services to their customers – increasing productivity.

Improve operational efficiency

  • Prevent unauthorized use of mobile assets before and after working hours, and outside of designated areas. Real-time data enables a fleet manager to act in a timely manner before a vehicle is misused.

Lower operational costs

  • Know where your assets are at all times and drive a reduction in insurance costs