Get your drivers home safe. Keep your reputation and brand untarnished.

Provide your drivers with the tools they need to:

  • Stay connected, hands-free even in rural and remote areas
  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Navigate road obstructions with ease
  • Enhance safety and increase CSA scores for strengthened brand reputation and competitive edge


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Are you doing all you can to ensure worker safety?

Are your insurance rates higher than they could be?

Does your company have a good safety reputation that earns you more work?

Drive increased safety, lower insurance costs, attract top talent and earn more business with the Webtech Wireless GPS fleet management solution.

Be connected with your workers

  • Know where your workers are at all times, have first-hand knowledge of what they are doing and remain in contact with them even when they are in rural or remote locations.

Ensure compliance

  • Ensure your drivers comply with HOS regulations, reducing the risk of accidents caused by overtired driving. Real-time access to worker activity and location-based data also ensures your workers continually operate within internal and cross-department safety guidelines.

Optimize routes

  • Use historical and real-time, current location-based data to ensure your driver’s routes are optimized, keeping them from harm’s way, avoiding construction and congestion zones.

Improve driver behavior

  • Access key driver behavior data to train, coach and enable continual driver improvement. Eliminating excessive speeding and hard braking reduces the risk of accidents and lowers operating costs significantly.