Operational Efficiency

Make smarter business decisions. Empower more productivity. Lower costs.


Implement driver behavior best practices with precise, real-time performance data:

  • Increase fuel and vehicle maintenance savings
  • Manage by exception for rapid resolution of issues as they arise
  • Drive operational improvement with performance metrics analysis
  • Automate dispatching for optimized routing and better utilization of driver time
  • Pro-actively schedule vehicle maintenance to eliminate downtime and save on repairs
  • Reduce driver and back-office administration for reduction in errors and increased performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction and competitive advantage
  • Increase asset utilization

Know where your assets are at all times:

  • Optimize asset scheduling
  • Maximize the value of your assets


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Do you know where your fleet is?

Is your fleet operating at peak efficiency?

GPS/AVL fleet data enhances fleet performance both immediately and in the long run. Fleet intelligence data helps make insightful decisions to ensure your fleets are operating efficiently, identify areas for fleet improvements and automate time consuming paper-work. Fleet data provides a clear overview of your fleet performance including vehicle health and maintenance.

Enhance Day-To-Day Fleet Operations

  • Gain real-time visibility to your fleet and their activities and improve your ability to identify and correct inefficiencies on the fly. Access historical routing data to improve current and future fleet routing. Automate processes to better utilize driver and back office administration time and reduce margins of error.

Optimize Fleet Performance in the Long Term and Leverage Cost Savings

  • Detailed historical data gives senior management the confidence to manage risks, improve customer service and lower operational costs.

Improve Fleet Utilization and Maintenance

  • Plan your asset maintenance cost-effectively and efficiently. Maximize productivity by ensuring your assets are operationally fit and ready when required. Proactively manage asset lifecycles for enhanced future investment planning and timely decommissioning.

Enrich Driver Behavior and Performance

  • Implement driver behavior best practices and prevent dangerous driving with precise, real-time performance data. Increased visibility into drivers’ locations ensures their safety is taken care of and they can focus on driving – increased productivity.