Minimize liability. Reduce insurance costs. Enhance bottom-line.

Clearly demonstrate a safe working environment, driver history and company safety program which can mean negligence lawsuits are often dismissed early.

Back it all up with good record-keeping:

  • Access precise, accurate, historical, defensible data for minimized liability
  • Utilize automated, preventative maintenance scheduling for reduced faults and associated accidents
  • Comply with FMCSA, DOT and internal safety guidelines for a safe working environment



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Do you have the right data to defend complaints or claims made against your organization?

With the ability to access detailed real-time and historical data, government agencies and businesses are able to minimize liability and mitigate risk.

Aligned with your business priorities

  • Use data to refute claims made against your organization
  • Minimize the spread of misinformation by making accurate information available
  • Remain compliant with environmental standards and regulations

Use Data to Defend Claims Made Against your Organization

  • Re-create past events and confirm precisely where your fleet was and what it has been doing. Use specific detailed location-based data to protect complaints or claims made against your organization.

Minimize the liability of misinformation made to your agency

  • One mistake, delay or miscommunication puts your organization at a higher risk of liability. Utilize GPS/AVL data to track where your fleets are in real-time and rectify the misinformation immediately before it’s too late.

Meet Compliance and Environmental Regulations

  • Comply with regulations and meet growing environmental changes with ability to access advanced reports on material usage, hours of service, and vehicle maintenance. Utilize GIS data to define geographic areas to provide cost and material analysis ensuring you are compliant with environmental standards and regulations.

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“The large amount of data that the system is now providing gives us so much information on what’s happening out on the street and we can use it in so many ways. We’re working with Webtech Wireless to add more telemetry inputs that will give us more detailed information on the efficiency of our crews, the condition of our vehicles, and generally whether we’re meeting a neighborhood’s needs.”

Gregory De Weese, Member – IT Strategic Committee, City of Chicago