Fuel Optimization

Improve fuel efficiency. Improve fuel reporting accuracy. Save money.


GPS Fleet Tracking can help you:

  • Manage driver behavior and improve fuel economy
  • Eliminate inefficient dispatching and eliminate fuel wastage
  • Automate fuel tax reporting to ensure optimum tax advantages and elimination of errors and fines


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Are you minimizing fuel costs with your fleet management solution?

Your savings can be significant. A GPS fleet solution allows you to know where your vehicles are and what they are doing, in real-time. The fleet data from each vehicle identifies driver behavior, fleet performance and vehicle maintenance for optimum use of fuel.

Reduced Idling Time

  • Create policies to send notifications when idling times are exceeded.  Run reports for detailed idling time for each vehicle to identify areas for lower fuel-costs.

Decreased Speeding

  • Send notifications immediately when a vehicle exceeds speed limit. Reporting tools can pinpoint speeding, help ensure driver safety and compliance and keep vehicles operating within fuel efficient guidelines.

Route Optimization

  • Manage routing and dispatching more efficiently, making vehicles more fuel-efficient, by analyzing travel and stop durations, distances traveled, and maximum speeds.

Optimized Asset Utilization and Maintenance

  • Proactively manage fleet and asset maintenance to reduce fuel use. Fleet intelligence data can help ensure vehicles are properly maintained and replaced when needed.