Driver Retention

Make your drivers more satisfied. Increase their earning potential and reduce inefficient use of their time. Help them make it home safely to their loved ones.

Provide tools that allow drivers to adhere to best practices for increased efficiency, earning potential and job satisfaction:

  • Eliminate redundant and administrative processes for enhanced productivity
  • Get them connected
  • Remain in constant contact even in rural or remote areas for increased safety
  • Establish a strong sense of teamwork with direction connection to dispatch and head office


Driver Retention

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Are you retaining and attracting good drivers?

Provide your drivers with the ability and training to become more productive. Help them eliminate manual processing and wasted or unproductive time, increase their productivity with streamlined processes, provide them with the data they need to become better drivers, increase their safety and ensure they remain connected to dispatch and head offices.

Here’s how a Webtech Wireless Fleet Management solution can support and retain great drivers:

Route your drivers efficiently

  • A good fleet management solution will help you dispatch your drivers more efficiently, ensuring they are not wasting time between jobs.

Ensure your driver’s safety

  • Provide a continuous connection between your drivers and dispatch/head office even in rural or remote locations. Use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to protect your drivers against overtired driving by ensuring they remain compliant with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.

Increase productivity and reduce administration

  • Empower your drivers to earn the most they can – for themselves and your organization. Reduce time-consuming, repetitive, error-prone administrative duties and free-up their time to focus on what they do best.

Foster an environment of continual improvement

  • Provide your drivers with ongoing driver behavior data to help them continually improve their skills, lower operating costs, improve CSA scores and positively impact your bottom line.