Meet compliance legislation. Improve CSA scores. Increase your competitive advantage.


Driver Safety & Compliance Solutions For Fleet Management:

  • Comply with FMCSA and DOT regulations with automated HOS tracking
  • Fast-track roadside inspections with digital, error-proof data
  • Improve CSA scores for increased competitive advantage
  • Utilize accurate, real-time information for compliance with internal guidelines


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Are you compliant with HOS regulations?

Have you been fined for violations that could have easily been avoided?

Are your CSA scores too high?

Comply with US FMCSA DOT and Canadian regulations by monitoring HOS automatically using an electronic logging device (ELD). Webtech Wireless’ Fleet Management solution allows you to save manual processing time, avoid inaccuracies and lower your CSA scores.

Reduction in manual processing

  • Electronic logging devices eliminate the need for manual processing of driving time. Drivers are always aware of their available driving time, eliminating oversights and time miscalculations.

Improved productivity

  • Automated processes also allow drivers to maximize their available driving time, focusing on what they do best – driving.

Better CSA scores

  • Ensuring your drivers comply with HOS regulations, lowers your CSA scores, reducing costly fines. Lower CSA scores enhance your brand reputation and revenue earning potential.

Increased driver safety

  • Ensuring your drivers comply with HOS regulations, reduces the risk of accidents caused by overtired driving. ELDs also ensure your drivers remain in constant contact with dispatch/head office.

Lower operating costs

  • ELDs help increase efficiency, lower compliance risk, eliminate time-consuming administration, enhance driver productivity – lowering operational costs and increasing revenue earning potential.