About Us

What we do

At Webtech Wireless, our only job is to make your job easier. Our powerful solutions are a channel to help you address the challenges you might face when running a fleet. We help you achieve your strategic goals and allow you to reach new heights in operational performance, enhanced customer service and ultimately, achieve more with less. It’s that simple.

How we do it

Webtech Wireless provides business intelligent data that can transform how you run your fleet operations. Our solutions translate raw GPS information into an easy-to-understand format, equipping you to make quick and accurate decisions for your fleet operations. Easily identify roadblocks, opportunities for efficiency and gain visibility entire your fleet activity on one single platform. Real-time and historical data along with enhanced analytics deliver business intelligence on your fleet, regardless of type size or variety. It’s One Solution. One Platform for your entire fleet operation.

The Webtech Experience

Webtech Wireless offers the Webtech Experience – an ecosystem of services that ensures you have everything you need to gain the maximum results out of your solution. Everything we do is designed around our customer’s needs and the advantages it can provide. Working with Webtech Wireless eliminates the worry around implementing the solution and lets you- our customers focus on selecting the fleet management solution that best suits your unique fleet needs.